Glass rotor flowmeter is a kind of flow meter used in industry.

Glass rotor flowmeters are currently the most used flow meter in the industry. It is an instantaneous flow measuring instrument that is simple to use, convenient to read, and widely used. It is extremely important to select and use the instrument. The glass rotor flowmeter has many advantages, such as simple installation, convenient use, intuitive reading and low price. Therefore, there are many options for the selection of the glass rotor flowmeter. A simple flow meter must also be installed and used correctly, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy and so on. How to solve the problems encountered in the use of the glass rotor flowmeter, the glass rotor flowmeter from the selection to the production to the end of the end of life, more or less in the middle due to environmental operations and so on.

Glass rotor flowmeter

Glass rotor flowmeter should pay attention to the following points when using

1, winter use should pay attention to keep warm, if not used at night, be sure to let the residual liquid in the flowmeter, so as not to freeze the glass tube.

2, because the glass tube is very easy to break, so when getting the glass rotor flowmeter, first observe whether the glass tube inside the glass rotor flowmeter is intact.

3, Remove the fixture and gently pour it to see if the rotor can slide freely up and down. If you can't slide freely, gently vibrate the support plate so that you can generally slide. If you can't slide anymore, you need to ask a professional technician to disassemble the machine.

4, When installing on the pipeline, first of all, it is necessary to see whether the upstream and downstream pipelines are in a straight line. If it is not in a straight line, it will not only affect the measurement accuracy of the meter, but also damage the meter.

5, the first two points to ensure that you can start using. The operator should read the instructions in detail before use. When opening the valve, it must be slowly opened. If the estimated flow can float the rotor and the rotor does not move upwards, stop the valve immediately and gently tap the pipe to make the rotor rise slowly. There are a lot of operators who have opened the valve too hard, just installed new equipment, and the violent opening of the valve caused damage to the glass tube in the glass rotor flowmeter in the glass rotor flowmeter. This should be brought to the attention of the user.

6, safe use, some operators like to remove the front cover, this is not allowed, because the glass tube is easy to blast, the cover is removed, the cover protects. Therefore, it is not possible to remove the cover.


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